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Juna Organic Swaddle Set

Purple pink S
Purple pink L
Dark yellow S
Dark yellow L
Dark green S
Dark green L
Gray S
Gray stripe S
Gray L
Gray Star S
Gray Star L
Watermelon S
Watermelon L
Gray stripe L
Black panda S
Black panda L
Sailing boat S
Sailing boat L
Carrot L
Carrot S
Flamingo S
Flamingo L
Dinosaur S
Dinosaur L
Grey Fawn S
Grey Fawn L
Cactus S
Cactus L
Looking for a way to get your baby to sleep through the night?

Look no further than our Juna Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle!

Our Swaddle is the perfect solution for sleeping babies and happy parents. The dual-swaddle design creates a snug and comfy wrap that keeps babies swaddled and sleeping longer. Made with premium quality, 180 GSM cotton, our blanket gives your baby the softness and warmth they need, with a difference you can feel.


- Keeps babies swaddled and sleeping longer
- Made with premium quality, 180 GSM cotton
- Soft and warm

Why not give our Juna Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle a try? Our customers are raving about it!

"This swaddle is amazing! My baby slept through the night for the first time ever."

"I love this swaddle! It's so soft and my baby loves it."

"This is the best swaddle I've ever used. It's so easy to use and my baby stays snuggled all night."